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The new album from Nick Puñal, featuring:
"Yes Man", "Espanyol (Blue and White)", "9 Out of 10", "Slave to Pleasure" and many more...
Now on BandCamp !!
El nuevo album de Nick Puñal, con:
"Yes Man", "Espanyol (Blue and White)", "9 Out of 10", "Slave to Pleasure" y muchos más... 
Ahora en BandCamp !!



Songwriting and producing is not only a passion, it's a part of who I am!!

My name is Nick Puñal, born near Manchester (UK) and raised in Central Spain, I first co-wrote four songs at the age of ten in the City of Ciudad Real. A number of decades later I am a songwriter / producer with a passion for composition and transforming musical works through detailed and creative production.

One of the many questions I'm asked is 'what kind of music do you write?'. There is no straight answer. You see, my exposure to a vast range of music from a very early age (I began playing 45rpm vinyl records from the age of 3), plus having formed a couple of bands during my teens have all helped me to write songs in a number of genres. In addition to this I enjoy pushing the boundaries and experimenting with new structures and sounds to add that extra edge in music production. 

I write all sorts of songs about people, the environment, sports teams, places, even places and people I've never met! I've also been commissioned in the past to translate and rhyme English songs and commercials into the Spanish language for a number of global corporations!

I have a tendency of writing songs with a strong melodical content, with memorable hooks thrown in! People in the music industry have also commented that a number of my songs would be very suited for documentaries, film and television.

Over the past decade I have had the privilege to work with many talented songwriters / artists and have worked on several international song-writing projects and coached various artists in the phrasing, pronunciation and delivery of Spanish songs. Projects have included Sydney Tropfest Film Festival, Ursula Yovich and of course my own project, the REVOLUTION ALBUM, available on Bandcamp.


Componer canciones es una pasión que vivo día a día!!

Me llamo Nick Puñal, nací cerca de Manchester (Reino Unido) y pasé la mayor parte de mi juventud en La Mancha (España). Soy un cantautor y productor. Las experiencias que he vivido a través de los años y los muchos estilos de música que me han influido, me han llevado a escribir canciones pertenecientes a varios géneros, y a experimentar con nuevos sonidos y estructuras.

Escribo canciones sobre personas, sobre las experiencias de la vida, sobre el medio-ambiente, el deporte, lugares y acontecimientos... Mis fuerzas creativas se basan en la composición de melodías y "hooks" memorables; Ideas para documentales, peliculas y televisión y la traducción y rima de canciones, del inglés al castellano.

Durante esta última decada he tenido la fortuna de haber colaborado con muchos cantautores y artistas; de haber trabajado en varios proyectos internacionales, y colaborar con algunos artistas en la composición y correcta pronunciación de canciones en castellano.

Entre mis más recientes proyectos se cuentan participaciones con el Festival de cine Tropfest (Sydney), colaboraciones con Ursula Yovich (cantante y actriz) y, por supuesto, mi propio proyecto: REVOLUTION, que esta a la venta en BandCamp. Este es mi album mas reciente y contiene composiciones propias de diversos géneros e ideas de producción muy variadas.